Deva1.180x180Devashish is the author of 7 books of fiction and non-fiction that explore themes of spiritual growth and social change. You can see his work and contact him directly at




Dada Nabhaniilananda


Head & Shoulders smallerDada Nabhaniilananda, aka The Monk Dude, is a yoga monk, meditation instructor, musician and speaker. His has published one book, Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind – a Practical Guide to Spiritual Meditation, available in eight languages. In 2015 he will publish his first work of fiction, Real Dragons Don’t Cry, a comic fantasy novel. You can see his work and contact him directly at





Abraham Heisler

10626659_10152418302838224_7942683428136327620_nAbraham Heisler is an award winning filmmaker whose work has developed an international following. He has directed several short film projects with progressive thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Alice Walker, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Noam Chomsky & Paul Hawken. You can visit him at:


Gustavo Monje

Gustavo Professor 10 YearsGustavo Monje is a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College. He has several interests and hobbies, including writing music and helping people on their spiritual path. He recorded 2 CDs of original music and performed with his salsa band throughout the Washington DC area. He is currently a reiki master, tarot reader, and a spiritual life coach in training. He sees clients in his home wellness center and from a distance on skype and phone. On Sundays he hosts Sunday Yoga, a free yoga and meditation class open to the public in Rockville, MD. He is also the author of a textbook, called Ascend: A Practical Guide to College Reading. You can learn more about him and read more of his writings at

Dada Maheshvarananda

Dada_Maheshvarananda_500Dada Maheshvarananda is a yogic monk, activist, and writer. His latest book is After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action. In 2007 he founded the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela, where he lives and works. His web pages are and





Steven L. Richheimer

slrSteven L. Richheimer, aka Naciketa, is a PhD chemist who has authored numerous papers and patents dealing with pharmaceutical products derived from natural sources. He has practiced Tantric meditation for over 40 years and has particular interest in how modern science validates spiritual ideology. He has published one book, The Unity Principle – The Link between Science and Spirituality. You can check out the book at:; or contact him directly at:

Dada Veda

dada-seated-prayer-hands-gutiarDada Veda is a yoga monk, meditation instructor, singer-songwriter and social activist all rolled up in one orange robe. Social justice is one of Dada’s chief interests and it is evident not only in the lyrics of many of his songs but in his essays and lectures on important social issues. He is the author of From Brooklyn to Benares and Back, his memoirs. You can contact him at





Andy Douglas

_DSC1797Andy Douglas received an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa. He’s active in peace, economic justice and prison issues. His memoir, The Curve of the World, opens in Bangkok in 1983: Emerging from a period of personal searching, in the quiet surroundings of a Bangkok yoga center he dips his toes with growing enthusiasm into a way of life based in radical simplicity and an unwavering love for God. In meditation, he finds clarity; in yogic poses, a new bodily expansiveness; in fasting, the discovery of an inner resolve; and in service a reprieve from personal preoccupation. Learn more at his website,